Peace of mind in daily life and in any unusual circumstances.
We respond with CREVIA quality.

Itochu Property Development has worked on condominiums under the brand CREVIA.
We have poured our know-how, cultivated over many years of apartment building experience, into [CREVIA WILL Musashi-Kosugi].

We strive to allow all residents to live with safety, comfort,
and peace of mind at all times.SAFETY

An advanced system to protect the security of those living alone.

Multi-layer security

Personal authentication via card key is installed along the route from the entrance into the building to resident rooms. This prevents intrusions by outside individuals. In addition, these card keys feature FeliCa functionality, meaning cashless use of the building coin-operated laundry machines, cafeteria ticket machines, and so on.

Management present 24-hours a day

Staff are present at the front desk 24-hours a day (on shifts). This staff control visitors’ entry/departure, and prevents intrusions by suspicious individuals.

Security cameras

Multiple security cameras are installed, including at the entrance to the building, floor 1 shared areas, inside elevators, and in resident areas on floors 2–7. These areas are monitored for intrusions by suspicious individuals.

Sound insulation to provide comfortable living.

Directly east of this property is a railway, so we carried out noise ratings.
Based on those results, we ensure a sound insulation performance level of that of average residential areas by utilizing suitable sashes in every unit.
Residents can enjoy living in comfort without having to worry about external noise, no matter which unit they live in.

A solid foundation construction and disaster mitigation to provide peace of mind.

Pile foundation(a pre-bored expanded foundation method of construction)

A thick area is created at the end of the piles, and steel piping is wrapped around the upper portion of the piles. These 44 prefabricated concrete piles with improved earthquake resistance are driven into a stable, strong support layer with an N value of 60 or more.

Double bar reinforcement

The double bar reinforcement of walls provided by two columns affords higher strength than that of single bar.

Concrete strength

Utilizes concrete with a high design strength of approx. 27–33 N/mm2. This is a strength able to withstand compressions of approx. 2,700 – 3,300 t per square meter.
* Not including the piles or exterior, etc.

Party walls

With consideration to sound insulation of neighboring units, party wall thickness is approx. 125 mm with sound insulation partitions.

Earthquake landing device-equipped elevators

If an earthquake occurs while an elevator is operating, the earthquake control device will detect initial tremors (primary waves, or P-waves) or seismic waves (S-waves). The earthquake occurrence will be displayed in the elevator with an announcement, and the elevator will promptly stop at the landing of the nearest floor. Also, in the event of a power outage, the elevator will stop at the landing of the nearest floor with the equipped power outage automatic landing device.

Earthquake-resistant doorframes

The entrance doorframes utilize a structure that makes them easy to open even if the door becomes deformed due to an earthquake.
This ensures a clear evacuation route.

Disaster prevention measures

Cooking stove bench

Can be used as a cooking stove if the seat is removed from the bench in a disaster. The stockpot can be used for cooking and warming up.

Manhole toilet

This is a simple-assembly toilet that can be used even when it is not possible to use the toilet during a disaster if the water supply has been suspended.

Emergency storehouse

This emergency storehouse that contains emergency food supplies (three day supply) and drinking water in PET bottles (three day supply) is installed on the first floor.。

AED (automated external defibrillator)

AED that is installed in preparation for emergencies. This medical device that attempts to restore the movement of the heart can be used even by ordinary people.

Water receiving tank

This tank is capable of storing approximately 25 ton of water that can be used as emergency water during a disaster.

Make all student dormitory water into clean water
With the Ryosui Kobo All Clean Water System, make all water that people come into contact with at a dormitory into gentle water without strong qualities. Impurities and iron rust are filtered with the foreign body removal filter. Furthermore, it also uses a double filtration method to reduce residual chlorine with a carbon filter. As a result, minerals that are useful for your body remain intact.

  • Ryosui Kobo water is delicious water that can be drunk as is. Moreover, it is economical.

    Because it reduces residual chlorine that causes chlorinous odor, you can enjoy the true flavor of drinks such as coffee and tea.

  • Ryosui Kobo water is gentle water that doesn’t cause much irritation. This makes it perfect for comfortable baths.

    It reduces the residual chlorine that oxidizes the protein in the hair and skin with water that doesn’t cause much irritation. It makes pure bath and pure shower water that is great for not only people with sensitive skin, but also babies and children.

  • Mineral content is left intact if you use Ryosui Kobo water to cook rice, which makes rice more delicious. The vitamins in vegetables are also kept intact.

    It reduces impurities and residual chlorine that are contained in tap water, and keeps mineral intact. It also purifies all the water you use for cooking. This water is gentle on the hands during kitchen work too.

  • Ryosui Kobo water is gentle water for gardening and clothing as well. It’s of course great for washing clothes, and great for the bathroom as well.

    Because it is gentle water that does not irritate the skin, it’s refreshing for toilets that have a heated water washing feature.

* The facility details, there may be cases of changes in the future.

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