Application Solicitation Overview

Application Solicitation Overview

Units for applying to

Total number of units *Please inquire about the latest availability.
Private area

Monthly cost

Room 60,000-75,000yen
Cost of meals (optional) 18,000 yen (sales tax not included)
Private utilities 7,000 yen (sales tax not included)

* Breakfast and dinner (two meals) are included (Mon.–Fri.). (Public holidays not included)
* If “monthly” is selected, the facility maintenance fee will cost 18,000 yen/month.

Moving costs

Contract period 1year 2year
Entrance fee 100,000yen 130,000yen
Guarantee deposit 150,000yen
Facility maintenance fee Monthly 18,000yen
Annual 200,000yen
Contract costs Cost of meals For monthly facility maintenance fee 364,000yen 394,000yen
For annual facility maintenance fee 561,000yen 591,000yen
No meal For monthly facility maintenance fee 346,000yen 376,000yen
For annual facility maintenance fee 543,000yen 573,000yen

* “Contract costs” are a total of moving-related costs, the first month’s rent, cost of meals (for those who choose this option), and private utilities.
* “Contract costs” are the total amount in cases where rent is 71,000 yen.
* The “contract costs” cost of meals and private utilities do not include sales tax.
* The facility maintenance fee can be paid monthly or annually.
* Costs included in the facility maintenance fee: shared utilities, cleaning fee, and other facility maintenance and management fees (includes cost of labor).
* The facility maintenance fee (annual) cannot be refunded, even in the case of a resident leaving early.

Other expenses

  1 year 2 year
Contract extension fee 50,000yen 80,000yen
Depreciation cost (when departing from the facility) one month’s rent

* The received entrance fee will not be refunded after the contract start date, regardless of the reason or pretext.
* The guarantee deposit is interest-free. We will refund the remaining amount following a deduction of the depreciation cost, etc. on the 28th of the month after the resident departs.
* Rent and so on will not be prorated, regardless of the date of entry or departure. Also, the contract termination date of March 20 is handled similarly.

[Ad notice]
Until we use this ad and begin business, we cannot guarantee contracts, reservation applications, or the order of applications. We appreciate your understanding.

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