Enjoy delicious cuisine with balanced nutrition in the cafeteria.

We offer delicious meals under the management of a nutritionist
with considerations toward balanced nutrition so that students can have proper diets.
The cafeteria is open until 22:00(last order at 21:30), so it is suitable even for busy students.

Enjoy delicious meals with friends.CAFETERIA

Even the usual menu offers this level of variety. We also plan to offer a special menu based on the seasons.

- Meal Menu

  Menu Frame Details of Meal Set
Breakfast *1 Breakfast Set Japanese: Main dish + side dish + rice + soup
Western: Main dish + side Danish pastry + bread + soup
Dinner *2 Dinner Set A Set Meal: Main dish + side dish + rice + soup
Dinner Set B (1) Set Meal: Main dish + side dish + rice + soup; (2) Rice Bowl: Rice bowl + side dish + soup; (3) Noodles: Noodles + side dish + rice *3
Curry Set Curry + side dish + soup

*1 For breakfast, we offer one option, alternating between Japanese and Western sets.
*2 For dinner, choose from three options.
*3 (1) Set Meal, (2) Rice Bowl, and (3) Noodles are scheduled to alternate irregularly.

* Accommodations Meal Menu is subject to change.

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