Make every day a bridge to your future.

Itochu Property Development has built its condominium apartment business around the CREVIA brand, which now boasts an innovative new addition: CREVIA WILL, a residence that redefines housing for the students of tomorrow.
What we wanted to do was infuse the student accommodation world with a whole new type of value.
Never shying away from any challenge that comes our way, we’ve spent years and years adhering to an open, flexible approach, listening to what our customers have to say, and developing creative, forward-looking products.
As we worked to develop CREVIA WILL, we gathered ideas from a wide variety of university students to get a clear idea of what would need to go into the ideal student housing of the future.
That’s how we formulated the CREVIA WILL concept—fusing all the expertise we’ve honed over the years into an environment that gives residents a phenomenal living experience.
Diversity is at the heart of the CREVIA WILL community, a place where people from different countries, different age groups, and different schools can come together and let their unique personalities shine.
As students spend time together, they start to forge natural bonds and communicate with each other.
They develop a common consciousness, one where they all share their individual values, experiences, cultural identities, tastes, and more.
At CREVIA WILL, the diverse community helps students find the stimulation and inspiration they need to stretch their horizons further than they’ve ever been able to before.
The experience that comes from really living, learning, and growing with other people—something that you simply can’t get in the confines of campus life—will lift you even higher as you take flight into society.。
CREVIA WILL is a campus of life, an environment where you can cultivate new relationships, nourish your personal growth, and put yourself in the position to thrive.

* The images above are for illustrative purposes and do not depict the actual design, furniture, or furnishings, etc., of the facility.

Why CREVIA WILL Musashi-Kosugi?

Safety and security
Thanks to security personnel on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and a full range of features designed to prevent crime and safeguard against disasters, CREVIA WILL residents can make the most of living alone without having to worry about safety or security.
  • ● Security personnel on duty 24 hours a day
  • ● Double auto-locking doors
  • ● Building access (entry/exit) control system
  • ● Front desk
  • ● Floor-by-floor security system
  • ● Security cameras
  • ● Emergency food/drink supplies
  • ● AED
  • ● Mind and Body Health Helpline*
  • * ITOCHU Urban Community Ltd. plans to outsource Helpline operations to HOKENDOHJINSHA Inc.
Getting everything you need to live alone can be a pretty expensive process.
If you’ve lined up a room at CREVIA WILL Musashi-Kosugi, though, you won’t have to go to the trouble of buying any furniture: you’re set to go as soon as you move in.
  • ● Furnished private spaces (desk/chair/bed/mattress)
  • ● Meals (charges apply)
  • ● Laundry rooms (charges apply)
  • ● Cashless system*
  • ● Gym
  • ● Free Wi-Fi (common spaces/private spaces)
  • * A combination with cash is allowed
Sit back, relax, and talk with each other about school life.
Get people together for a Halloween party, a Christmas celebration, or whatever gathering you’ve got in mind—CREVIA WILL’s open, user-friendly common spaces are great for spending time with others.
  • ● Living space
  • ● Cafeteria
  • ● Lounge
  • ● Multi-purpose room
  • ● Garden
  • ● Rooftop garden